Michele Tandy

A scholarship student to the University of Utah, Michele earned her BFA in Ballet.  Having experienced pilates as a young dancer and recognizing its significance to strenghten and rehabilitate the body, Michele trained and certified with Stott and BASI pilates.  Michele's desire to learn the roots of the work led her to seek out the study and practice of Classical Pilates.  Upon her introduction into the classical work with Jennifer Kries, Michele fell in love with it's intense dynamic and flow. With first hand experience and life changing results of the classical method it is Michele's joy and passion to share this significant and life changing work with her students.

Anthea Fane

Classically trained in Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska, and was certified in 1999 in New York City.  She later received Advanced Teacher Training from Alycea Ungaro, who called her  "a remarkably sensitive and intuitive teacher" after her tenure at the renowned, Real Pilates Tribeca.  Anthea is certified in strength training with the National Council of Strength and Fitness, as  well as PTA Global, Pre/Post Natal Exercise through AFPA, and in TRX suspension training, and certified in the Pink Ribbon Program for postoperative rehabilitation of cancer survivor's.  She has taught Pilates in New York, San Francisco, Austin and Tokyo, and has been a Master Trainer, teaching apprenticeships for Peak Pilates, Japan.  Anthea discovered Pilates to balance her own scoliosis after having spinal fusion surgery and loves working with people who are trying to overcome similar challenges.  She has extensive training in martial arts and movement for the actor. Anthea has a reputation for a merciless workout “sweetly.”  " You can change your body with this work and if you are ready to work hard and commit to your training, you will see incredible results.

Ethan Carter

Ethan Carter is a classic Pilates instructor and personal trainer with over 13-years of full-time professional experience in the fitness industry and 35-years of athletic training. He has been certified by NASM, ACE, AFAA, PMA, and Power Pilates. Originally from New York, Ethan relocated to California in 2008.

Ethan has worked for some of the top fitness companies in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In addition to working with private clients he also teaches group fitness classes including indoor cycling, BOSU, TRX, and various conditioning formats.

Although Ethan worked in the music and investment banking industries after college, he has been an athlete all his life. As a child he was a competitive swimmer and tennis player. By high school he was participating in team sports like soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Ethan was the varsity team captain for all three sports, president of the student body athletic association, and elected "most valuable player" for both his junior and senior years.

Ethan discovered Pilates mat classes at his corporate fitness center. He was looking for a way to cross-train and increase flexibility but did not enjoy yoga. He immediately liked the dynamic and fluid movement of Pilates.

After his first Pilates Mat certification Ethan took a leap of faith and invested in a "Comprehensive" certification and 6-month apprenticeship program. It was a good move for many reasons and the timing could not have been better. Ethan was experiencing acute back pain and chronic sciatica from an L4/L5 compression.

After 2-months in the Pilates program and taking 3-lessons a week Ethan's back pain and sciatica were gone and never came back!

Pilates has changed Ethan Carter's life. Now he wants to share his love and passion for Pilates. Ethan knows the Pilates method can uniformly develop a beautiful body but more importantly it heals the mind, body, and spirit.

Sunni Almond

A comprehensively trained classical Pilates teacher, she has been teaching for nearly 20 years, and remains a student studying with the most gifted and solidly trained classical teachers. She is a published author with many article in PilatesIntel, PilatesGlossy, and The Pilates Bridge, a member of the PTA, Pilates Teachers Association. Holds a cert in Pilates for Breast Cancer, and Pilates for MS and other Neurological Conditions.

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