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Mat Class with Andrea Maida



Please note that students are required to pre-register for each mat class you intend to attend

by texting 760 845-1267 and leaving their name and the date and time they plan to attend or by clicking on this link.


Monday @ 8:00am

Tuesday @ 6:00pm

Wednesday @ 8:00am

Thursday @ 9:00 AM

Saturday @ 9:00am





New Group Tower Classes

Evening Group classes will be taught by Ethan Carter and Anthea Fane.  Private sessions with Ethan and Anthea are also available.


Pre-registration required by clicking on this link.


Monday @ 6:00pm

Tuesday @ 9:00am

Wednesday @ 6:00pm

Thursday @ 6:00pm




Mat Class with Andrea Maida

Purchase Now - Introductory Special 10 Mat Classes for $100

Introductory Special 10 Group Tower Classes for $250

Introductory Group Classes

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