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Mat Class with Andrea Maida



Please note that students are required to pre-register for each mat class you intend to attend

by texting 760 845-1267 and leaving their name and the date and time they plan to attend or by clicking on this link.


Monday @ 8:00am

Tuesday @ 6:00pm

Wednesday @ 8am

Thusday 9 AM

Saturday @ 9:00am


Opps, the month of July is a little bumpy so please check the schedule to make sure your favorite mat class is going.  We apologize for all the cancellations but are working to make our studio a better place.  Stay tuned for August :)


July cancellations are as follows: 7/11 6pm mat, 7/12 8am mat, 7/13 9am mat, 7/15 9am mat, 7/17 8am mat,  7/18 6pm mat, 7/19 8am mat, 7/22 9am mat and 7/24 8am mat.




New Group Tower Classes

We are thrilled to announce our group equipment classes will start May 22, 2017.  Evening Group classes will be taught by Ethan Carter.  Private sessions with Ethan are also available.


Pre-registration required by clicking on this link.


Monday @ 6:00pm

Tuesday @ 9:00am

Wednesday @ 6:00pm



Cancellations for the month of July

7/11 9am Grp Equipment,


Mat Class with Andrea Maida

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Introductory Special 10 Group Tower Classes for $250

Introductory Group Classes

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We're happy to address all of your questions or concerns. Call us at 760 845-1267 or use our contact form.

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